Aside From Baidu, Are There Any Other Chinese Search Engines Worth Mentioning?

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Yes indeed. Here I would add on another two. Qihoo, under Qihoo there is a search engine they used to call 360 search. Recently, it was around maybe like March, April time, they renamed that as Haosou. They probably take about 15% to 20% of the market share in China. And Sogou probably takes about roughly 10% by the time we are talking about this product, but years ago probably just below 5%. But here we still need to think about population. Even 1% of internet users, that's like 10% of the UK population. So even the percentage probably looks small, but still that's a huge market. And we did test some product on Qihoo with our clients, and we do find that even though the traffic volume is much, much smaller than Baidu and the functionality is not really brilliant, the traffic quality is quite good. We were surprised and our clients got quite good ROI. So, maybe for some small business, they could test the water from there.

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