App User Acquisition Now Cheaper Than Ever

APAC and LATAM regions feature high install-to-registration rates

A survey on the trends of mobile shopping in 2017 has found that the growing mobile market is impacting the ease at which app users can be acquired. By looking into nearly 5 million app installs, Liftoff was able to collect data showing that users acquired in September cost almost 30% less to acquire than the previous year, with the month signalling the start of holiday shopping in Western markets. It was also found that whilst North Americans were the least likely to register for a new app, perhaps due to oversaturation of the market, a high number of those who did register converted into an in-app purchase, with 17% doing so compared to the worldwide 8.6% average. The report also highlighted the high install-to-registration rates for apps in APAC and LATAM.

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