Android's Global Growth Continues

iOS growth is slowing down

Android has continued its global growth, as iOS begins to slow. Kantar Worldpanel has recently released figures showing that Android has seen significant increases in growth across all major markets. With growth levels of 5.5% in Europe, 6.6% in Japan and 4% in Australia, it also continues to have a 65% market share in the US, despite a minor decrease of 0.6%. Meanwhile, Apple's iOS system is having to cope with a back-to-back quarterly iPhone sale decline. Overall, iOS has only increased its market share overall by 0.7% in one year, and continues to lose ground to budget smartphones producers Huawei and Xiaomi in China. Kantar said that it expects a weak third quarter for Apple as well, as the anticipation for an upcoming iPhone “typically means a weaker summer period for iOS”. 

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