Amazon To Expand Indian Operations

It will open 7 more warehouses

Amazon has announced plans to expand its Indian operations. The plans reveal that seven new warehouses will be opened in the country, and will provide employment to 4,000 people in the country. The expansion comes as a result of ever growing sales in India, with Amazon seeing growth of almost 85% in Q1 2017. Amazon has already invested 5 billion US dollars in the market in an attempt to gain ground on local competition such as Flipkart. This planned expansion will be helped by an expected increase in internet users in the country. A report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India forecasts that whilst urban areas of India are “fast reaching a saturation point” in terms of internet penetration, rural internet penetration is expected to grow by 26% before July. It was also reported that 92% of those in rural areas of India consider mobile to be their primary internet device. 

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