Amazon Launchpad Platform To Help UK Start-Ups

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Amazon has launched an online platform called Amazon Launchpad to help UK start-ups promote their products on the site. Amazon Launchpad will showcase selected products on a special area of the UK Amazon website and provide marketing support to start-ups. In return it will receive a cut of the profits made from sales of these products. The ecommerce giant is teaming up with venture capital and crowdfunding companies to help decide which start-ups and products should be included on the platform. A spokesperson from Mous Musicase, one of the first British start-ups to be included on Amazon Launchpad, commented on the platform and the impact it will have on up-and-coming businesses, saying: “It will revolutionise how you can scale a product start-up by providing global reach for free. There are so many amazing products from start-ups out there – it's great that they'll now be getting a leg up to compete with even the very biggest players.” 

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