Amazon Fulfillment Use Rocketing Worldwide

58% of american marketplace sellers use the service

Statistics collected by Marketplace Pulse have shown that more and more Amazon marketplace sellers now use the companies Fulfillment service. Amazon Fulfillment, or FBA, allows marketplace sellers to have their items stored, picked, packed and shipped by Amazon. The data shows that in Europe, 40% of the top 10,000 sellers on Amazon marketplace now use the service. Spain is the leading country in the continent with 49% of sellers using it, followed by Italy and France on 47 and 41% respectively. However, it is in the US where the highest percentage of the top sellers use the service, with 58% using FBA. These numbers were then crosschecked by Marketplace Pulse with Amazon's own figures, and found that the number of active sellers using Fulfilment has increased by 70% in 2016.

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