Alibaba VR Demo Store Launches

Alibaba will roll out VR fully by the end of 2016

The Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba is going to launch a demo virtual reality store later this month, with plans to roll out VR capabilities for all users by the end of the year. In the demo store, users will be able to walk around a VR store and view products. They will be able to rotate products using a VR controller to see them in 3D from all angles. A robotic shop worker will feature in the demo store, recommending products to users and even modelling clothes. Users will be able to click on a virtual “buy” button to buy directly from the digital store. To access the store, users will simply need a VR headset and a VR controller. A spokesperson from Alibaba commented on the launch of the demo store, saying: “VR is a great way to demonstrate products or services, especially for some categories like furniture and travel products. It also adds more fun to shopping.” 

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