Alibaba To Enter Indian Market

Alibaba will face stiff competition in India

Alibaba is preparing to increase its focus on the Indian ecommerce market. It has been revealed that the company has begun work on opening a new office in Mumbai's business district, as well as hiring a former director of human resources from rival Flipkart and a former Goldman Sachs executive now based in India. These signs of an impending move into India match up with comments made throughout 2016, when the company indicated interest in the market. Alibaba Group President J Michael Evans said in March 2016 that the company was “planning to enter the ecommerce business in India”, adding that it had been looking into the country's “ecommerce opportunity”. The Alibaba-owned marketplace app, 9Apps, already entered the Indian market late last year, representing the company's first steps into the country. Any further move into India would also put it further competition with the US based retailer Amazon, which has already found relative success in the region alongside native names such as Flipkart and Snapdeal, which Alibaba holds a minority stake in. 

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