Alibaba Is China's Top Digital Advertising Platform

Baidu has suffered in recent months following bad press

Alibaba has now become the leading digital advertising platform in China. Taking the lead from Baidu, Alibaba now enjoys more than a quarter of the country's total digital ad share, totalling around 12 billion US dollars, whilst China is responsible for more than a fifth of total worldwide digital ad spend. Baidu has suffered in recent months, following a series of controversies and bad press that have brought new regulations to the company. As a result, the company's total digital ad revenue growth will equal just 0.3%, whilst Alibaba's is expected to grow by 54%. Meanwhile, mobile ad spend continues to surge in China at the direct expense of more traditional formats. Analyst Shelleen Shum said that the trend “will persist in the coming years, especially as more offline services become integrated online via mobile applications”.

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