Airbnb Outlines African Expansion Plans

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31 July 2015. The home-rental giant Airbnb has said that it wants to expand in Africa. Airbnb allows users to post ads for spare rooms or apartments, with guests and hosts being able to connect and rate each other after their stay. The website currently has around 1.5 million listings, with users coming from 34,000 cities in 190 countries. The number of Africans using Airbnb has increased significantly recently, with user numbers growing by 139% in the last year. Airbnb's CEO has said that he wants more African entrepreneurs to join the site to rent out their rooms or properties, a potentially lucrative extra income for many Africans. He recently attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya in order to reach out to business-minded Africans, saying: “I'm thrilled to meet so many entrepreneurs here at GES who will build and grow this community throughout Africa.”

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