9% Of British Adults Have Never Been Online

Nearly 5 million British adults have never used the internet

The Office for National Statistics in the UK has found that nearly 5 million adults in the country have never been online. This figure equals nearly 9% of the population. However, age plays a large role in who this 9% includes, as 99% of those between 16 and 34 have used the web, whilst only 90% of those aged over 55 have. These figures are an improvement over the results of the same study from 2016, where it was found that half a million more people had never been online. The improvement in penetration was seen across most demographics, with 22% of disabled adults having never been online in 2017, compared to 25% in 2016 – whilst the number of over 75s online is now three times what it was in 2011, at 41%. 

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