67% Of Brits Do Not Trust Institutions With Their Data

Banks were the only institution trusted by over 50% of people

A survey has found that the majority of Brits do not trust public or private organisations with their information. Research from the Communication Consumer Panel in the UK found that only 33% of people in the country trust the government with their personal information, whilst just 9% trust social media companies. Only banks were trusted by more than half of the survey's respondents, with 56% saying that they thought their information was secure with them. It was also found that when asked, privacy was the highest concern for people in their digital lives, with nearly half saying that they were “pessimistic” about it. The results were released just before a draft of a plan to explore near-live digital surveillance was leaked from the British Home Office. If the draft plans were put into effect, the government would be able to access any form of digital communication within 24 hours, as part of the Investigatory Powers Act (2016).

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