The Eastern European Web In 3 Minutes
Take a look at our video on the Eastern European market for digital marketing
Eastern Europe Online
Take a look at our overview of this very diverse collection of countries

Eastern European Web In 3 Minutes

Eastern Europe is an area full of potential when it comes to digital. However, it is extremely diverse, and digital marketers should target each country individually. Watch out video to find out more about this fascinating corner of the world.

What The ‘Eastern Europe’ Video Covers:

Regional focus

Learn about the online presence in Eastern Europe and the internet habits of this fascinating corner of the world!

Opportunities for you

What country do you think has the fastest internet in Eastern Europe? Find out essential information that can help you expand your market in this region

A brief and direct overview

We have collected some of the main insights on digital in Eastern Europe in one short video for you to watch

Accurate and precise information

Our video includes figures to give you an updated and precise idea of the online habits in each country

Explore the differences

Eastern Europe is a very diverse area; we treat each country on its own, revealing some interesting facts, similarities and differences

The latest digital trends

Find out about competing search engines, internet speeds and internet penetration, all in one place


In our video you will find out the main figures on things digital in this beautiful region, together with some entertaining facts you probably didn’t know about.

Watch our video now, and find out about how Eastern Europe behaves online!

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