Launching A New App-Based Business

Entrepreneur Sofie Dralle tells us about her start-up; Stop My Craving.

Starting A Start-up

Stop My Craving is a start-up app that offers users the opportunity to find healthy alternatives to their daily cravings. Founder, Sofie Dralle, talks about how the company began and how it plans to move forward.

You'll find out about:

  • The challenges faced by start-ups
  • How to use minimal resources effectively
  • What even large businesses can learn from start-ups

Less than a year after receiving leaving education with a Masters in International Business, Sofie founded the food start-up app, Stop My Cravings. Now working to build her app in Europe, she already has experience working in many levels of tech.

How Can you use the small resources of a start-up to compete with large businesses?

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