How To Target Global Markets Through International SEO

What role does SEO play in Kayak maintaining such a strong presence in so many countries across the world?

Finding Digital Success Through SEO

Jesse James Woods, an SEO Analyst at the travel site Kayak, talks to us about international SEO. With Kayak currently working in 36 countries across the world, we discuss how best to overcome the nuances in foreign markets and create a local experience. Jesse also talks about using tools to improve SEO insights and processes, the challenges of implementing hreflang, and the differing approaches of the global search engines in crawling and indexing websites.

Find out more about:

  • Improving UX across international sites
  • How to correctly implement hreflang

Jesse has been working in the digital space since 2010, and had since become an expert in the field of SEO and global digital marketing, leading several international teams. He has also founded in 2015, whilst also acting as an SEO Analyst for the global tourism company, KAYAK.

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