Eastern Europe Search Overview 2016


Boost your search performance in Eastern Europe

One of the most interesting facts about Eastern Europe is how its dizzying diversity melts in Western eyes into a one pot notion of musty ex-USSR and USSR aligned states. In fact, to start off, Eastern Europe is a heavily disputed concept, with quavering borders almost dependent on the eyes of the beholder. For the purpose of our search engine analysis, we have included 8 countries as part of our report on this region:

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia

These countries are hugely diverse, starting with Russia, a major world power to be contended with, and including Estonia, one of the smallest nations in the EU. Regarding search engines, however, size is not all that matters. Estonia and Czech Republic have champion internet penetration rates in the region of 90% (just over for the first one, and just under for the second). Romania, on the other hand, while having such enviable internet connections as to merit the attention of former US presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, it is also the worst of the lot for internet access, with only 41% of the population crossing the digital divide.

US Google vs. Russian Yandex may appear to some as the online re-enactment of past entrenched cold war rivalries. But, in fact, even in Russia Google scores points. While Yandex dominates search overall, Google is the most used search engine for Russians on-the-go. That is to say, the American search behemoth leads mobile search in Russia. This makes the world’s vastest nation, which Churchill famously referred to as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, the only country on planet earth that has two different search leaders.

Regarding the remaining countries, Google’s reign goes undisputed with over 90% of results in all but one, and in Poland Google’s command is supreme amounting to a 98% share of searches. In neighbouring Czech Republic, however, Google has its own local nemesis. The Czechs used Seznam for as many as 25% of searches, though it had slipped back to 17% in June 2016. As with other aspects, the Eastern Europeans’ internet behaviours are a lot more diverse than a quick glance over the world map, or flick through the history books, may let on.

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