Reach your South Korean audience on Naver quickly and effectively

Naver is one of the most popular search engines in South Korea. For this reason, if you are planning to expand your brand into South Korea, then you should consider setting up a Naver Ad account to help you promote your brand. However, Naver Ad is very different from Google Ads and you will need to know how to make the most of its features if you are to succeed. One of our native South Korean specialists will set up your Naver PPC account for you and provide advice on the requirements to help you successfully launch your PPC advertising campaign on Naver.

A Naver PPC account can help...

When you want to boost your brand awareness and sales in South Korea.

When you want to improve your online advertising campaign in South Korea.

When targeting South Korea is an important part of your marketing plan.

When you are currently only using Google in South Korea.

Opening a Naver advertising account: What you’ll need

What our clients say

Webcertain helped us increase our presence in South Korea

The Webcertain team has helped us increase our presence in South Korea, through their knowledge and expertise of working with Naver. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we highly value their constant support, as well as their transparency.

Why is it so important to advertise on Naver in South Korea?

Naver is one of the most popular search engines in South Korea. Failing to use Naver as part of your South Korean paid search campaign will result in you missing out on a large proportion of South Korean internet traffic and potential customers.

Naver PPC can be an effective way to quickly get your products and services visible to South Korean users, as well as test different campaigns and messages to determine which strategy would be most effective for you in this market.

One of our native South Korean specialists will open a Naver PPC account for you, ensuring all of the required information is included. This will enable you to launch a PPC advertising campaign on Naver.

How it works

One of our native South Korean PPC specialists will open your Naver PPC account, based on the company information you have provided in the brief and provide you with the relevant login details. Please note that we will need you to provide us with the required business registration licence.

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