Ranking Report Analysis and Recommendations


Internet users usually only visit websites that appear on the first search engine results page, so it is essential that you closely monitor your rank position so you can fix any problems immediately if your ranking goes down. An SEO specialist will examine your ranking data to identify any ranking drops, and will check to see if these correlate with any search engine algorithm or on-site changes to try to identify the cause of the drop. Based on what they conclude to be the cause, they will recommend changes that you can make to resolve or stabilise the situation. We will send you our analysis and recommendations in a PDF format.

Here’s when Ranking Report Analysis and Recommendations can help!

  • 1

    When you want to know if your website’s ranking has changed

  • 2

    When you want to understand why your website’s ranking has gone down so that you can make improvements


Internet users are extremely sensitive to websites' positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and usually only visit those that rank near the top of the first SERP. Sometimes changes to the search engine algorithms or changes that you have made on-site can cause your website's ranking to go down. It is therefore very important to keep a close eye on your ranking so that you can act immediately if it drops.

An SEO specialist will examine your ranking data to identify if any changes have taken place since the last check-point or baseline. In the case of any negative rank movements or changes in ranked URL, they will identify if any rank changes correlate with any on-site or algorithm changes and provide immediate recommendations to resolve or stabilise the situation if possible.

Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your account manager to clarify your objectives. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the research and is the foundation for all our quality checks. We will need access to your ranking data, as well as a previous ranking report that we can use for comparison.

An SEO specialist, under the supervision of your account manager, will examine your ranking data and review if there have been any changes in average rank, significant keyword movements or changes to ranked URLs since the previous reporting period or baseline. If they find any changes they will investigate further to establish the cause, checking to see whether these changes correlate with any search engine algorithm or on-site changes. They will then offer suggestions on how you can fix the problem to help you regain your previous, higher rank.

You will receive the ranking report findings, along with our analysis and recommendations, in a PDF file.

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