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Geo-targeting and International SEO Issues

If you are launching an international SEO strategy, it can be useful to have the support of an expert. Andy Atkins-Krueger is a trained linguist who has worked in international marketing for over 20 years and delivered hundreds of successful projects, becoming a prominent speaker, writer and businessman in the world of international SEO. He will provide you with expert SEO consultancy on many key areas, such as on-site optimisation, geo-targeting, search engine and industry updates and roll-out strategies.

From ccTLDS to Hreflang and language management

Helping you reach your customers where they are!

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    When you require expert help to support your international SEO strategies

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    When you need to know whether to use ccTLDs, sub-domains or folders for geo-targeting

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    Do you need HREFLANG to maximise your global presence

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    Managing keywords to improve the perfromance of global websites


Learn from experience how best to reach global customers

Andy Atkins-Krueger is the CEO of Webcertain Group and has worked in international marketing for over 20 years, focusing on international SEO since 1997. Throughout his career, he has worked on hundreds of international SEO projects in all major languages and all corners of the globe – the key learnings from those experiences have now been distilled into his International Marketing School in Barcelona.

Andy speaks regularly at conferences around the world and is often quoted by the press in connection with the developments and strategies of international search engines such as Google, Baidu and Yandex. Originally a trained linguist, Andy moved into public relations and marketing at an early stage, and since early 2008 has chaired the one-day conference series, the International Search Summit, which examines international search marketing issues.

Andy will draw on this wealth of experience to provide you with expert consultancy in many areas of international SEO, including from on-page optimisation to geo-targeting to updates on the world's major search engines.  He will deal with the use of ccTLDs and hreflang encoding in geo-targeting strategies and help businesses to maximise their online global presence.


Andy has worked with 100s of global brands!

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your account manager to clarify your objectives and the specific requirements you have.

Andy will then contact you to provide consultancy on any of the following areas:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Hreflang
  • Duplication issues
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Roll-out strategies


Webcertain Group is passionate about generating business growth for its clients in any part of the world. A team of native speakers of all the world’s major languages works together to achieve client objectives - no one understands working with different cultures and the nuances of language in the globe’s search engines better than the Webcertain multilingual teams. Webcertain operates in 44 languages.

Benefits of working with Webcertain:

International specialist since 1997

Transparency and online portal management

No minimum contract period

No minimum order value

International know-how shared

Quick response times