Youku Account Set Up


Whilst in most countries YouTube is the dominant video-sharing website, it is blocked in China, which means if you are targeting this market that you need to use local alternatives. Youku is China's most popular video-sharing website. Being on Youku will boost your company's online presence in the country and will allow you to share your videos in this rapidly developing country. This service will set up a Youku account for you, including your company details.

Here’s when Youku Account Set Up can help!

  • 1

    When you want to increase your company’s online presence in China.

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    When your videos need to be promoted in China.


Youku is China's most popular video sharing website. Launched in 2006, the website now has 400 million monthly users. Youku permits users to upload videos and is partnered with over 1,500 license holders, including television stations, distributors, and film and TV production companies that regularly upload content to the site. Youku's video library includes many full length, popular films and TV episodes. Viewers from around the world can see these films on Youku for free, though often with Chinese subtitles.

Setting up a Youku account will help your online marketing campaign in China and will allow you to create a branded outlet for your communication. This will boost your company's visibility and will help you to reach a wider audience with your video content.

We will set up a Youku account for your company to enable you to share videos with a Chinese audience.

Quality process

We will ask you to submit a project brief outlining your requirements for the account, including information such as your company details.

A Chinese specialist will create your company's Youku account, under the supervision of an account manager, and provide you with all the login details so you can access the account.

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