UTM code creation for PPC URLs

Track the performance of your PPC campaigns

Gain insights into how your PPC campaigns are performing

Being able to view and analyse the performance of your PPC campaigns is essential as it enables you to learn what is working and what isn't. It also allows you to see how your PPC is stacking up against other campaigns you might be running such as social or email. Many advertisers use auto-tagging on Google AdWords which is enabled by default, however not all platforms have this feature and therefore, to be able to track the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics, we must add UTM codes to the URLs. This applies to platforms such as Naver, Yandex.Direct, Bing, Baidu, Daum and Facebook. We will create UTM codes for your PPC URLs.

UTM code creation can help...

  • 1

    When you want to track the performance of your international PPC campaigns in Google Analytics.

  • 2

    When your campaign isn’t on Google AdWords and therefore cannot use the auto-tagging feature.

  • 3

    When you want to see which Google Analytics goals are being triggered by your international PPC campaigns.

Why are UTM codes important?

A UTM code is a simple code that you can append to your paid search URL in order to track a source, medium and campaign name.

UTM codes are useful as they enable Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from, as well as what campaign referred them to your website. This can teach you which of your campaigns are working well, and which ones aren't, allowing you to improve and optimise your campaigns accordingly and ultimately get better results.

There are 5 UTM parameters that we can add to your URLs:

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_term
  • utm_content

We will assign a value to each parameter such as utm_medium=cpc

An example of a final URL with UTMs added is: https://www.example.com/?utm_source=Yandex.Direct&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=brand&utm_term=webcertain

UTMs can also be added to track individual keyword performance via third party tracking tools.

How UTM code creation works

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your Project Manager to clarify your PPC ad objectives. This briefing will be visible to all team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

A PPC Specialist who understands your tracking requirements will create the UTMs to be appended to your PPC URLs, under the supervision of your Project Manager. They will then upload the URLs with the UTMs appended into your campaigns.

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