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Custom Segments configuration

Understand your customers better with custom segmentation - tailored to your business needs

The whole is just the sum of the parts (or segments)

Segmentation is a key aspect of marketing, enabling you to reach different groups of customers based on a range of criteria. In order to effectively understand how well you're doing with each segment, you need to ensure you can apply the same segmentation to your web analytics data. Google Analytics has a segments feature that enables you to do this. The tool comes with an array of standard segments. However, they are also customisable. We will create custom segments for you based on your specifications.

Google Analytics - Custom Segments configuration will help you...

  • 1

    When you can't get the insight you need from the standard Google Analytics segments.

  • 2

    When you want to compare data in the standard reporting views.

  • 3

    When you don't have the time to set up Custom Segments yourself.

  • 4

    When you aren't confident in setting up Custom Segments yourself.

Many small improvements lead to one big one...

Google Analytics comes with a wide range of segments as standard, enabling you to quickly and easily drill down into a subset of data individually or for comparison against each other. These include different traffic sources, session criteria such as 'with conversions' or devices used.

Google Analytics recognises that the standard segments are not always sufficiently detailed to suit your business and has created the feature to configure Custom Segments based on a wide range of different criteria.

Almost any dimension can be used to create a Custom Segment. Dimensions can also be combined e.g. returning mobile users in France referred by email, as well as applying conditions such as a specified pages(s) viewed during the visit.

We'll configure your segment in the Custom Segments tool and ensure that it is available on demand for your teams at the touch of a button within their individual Google Analytics profiles.

You may wish to consider a training session or programme for your marketing and/or web teams to improve their understanding and usage of Google Analytics.

Next step...

We'll start by asking you some questions via our briefing questionnaire, which will include key data that you'll need to provide to us.

Upon ordering, we'll need you to 'invite' us to see the relevant Google Analytics Account(s), Property(ies) and View(s).

Once we're clear about the requirement, we'll configure the segment in Google Analytics, making it available for you to approve.

When you've approved the segment, we'll then ensure it's visible to all or shared with designated members of your team.

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