Google Analytics | Troubleshooting

Solving data extrapolation, query challenges and configuration questions in Google Analytics

Sometimes Google Analytics can be tricky to navigate

Google Analytics is a very powerful website analytics tool. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find the data you're looking for or to understand why you can't filter or drill down sufficiently to discover the information you're seeking. Our troubleshooting service is designed to do just that for you.

Google Analytics - Troubleshooting can help...

  • 1

    When you can't find the data you need in Google Analytics.

  • 2

    When you don't have time to gather the data in Google Analytics for detailed analysis.

  • 3

    When you're not confident in using Google Analytics to extrapolate the data you need.

  • 4

    When you want to learn how to undertake a specific task in Google Analytics.

Let us take the grind out of Google Analytics data mining

Google Analytics is a very powerful website analytics tool.

It measures almost everything that happens on your website. It enables you to discover how your users interact with your website, which in turn helps you to make decisions about how well or otherwise your website is performing against your objectives.

Though the application is intuitive, undoubtedly there are some features that require more in-depth knowledge and experience in order to pull out meaningful data.

So, sometimes it can be difficult to drill down to the data you're looking for or to combine the relevant dimensions and metrics to discover the insights you're looking for.

Simply tell us what it is you're struggling to do and we'll aim to solve it for you.

We'll deliver a document that explains what to do, alongside any recommendations to improve the configuration and a costed proposal to implement these recommendations, should you wish us to do so.

You may wish to consider a training session or programme for your marketing and/or web teams to improve their understanding and usage of Google Analytics.

Next step...

We'll start by asking you some questions via our briefing questionnaire, which will include key data that you'll need to provide to us.

Upon ordering, we'll need you to 'invite' us to see the relevant Google Analytics Account(s), Property(ies) and View(s).

Once we're clear about the nature of the issue you have, we'll set about checking your Google Analytics View and the data within it, with the aim of answering or solving your query.

We'll compile a report, detailing the nature of our findings and where we recommend configuration improvements, we'll provide a costed proposal for implementing them, should you wish us to do so.

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