Script Implementation For URL Health Check


It is extremely important to ensure that all your URLs are working and do not lead to an error page. We will set up a script for your account that will activate each morning to check each landing page URL on the ad, keyword and sitelink levels within your account. If a broken link is detected, our team of PPC Specialists will receive a notification immediately. We will then provide you with a full list of broken URLs including the campaign and ad group where the URL is located and the type of error that the page is showing. This will allow your website team to correct any mistakes as soon as the error shows on your account.

Here’s when Script Implementation For URL Health Check can help!

  • 1

    When you want to know when your URLs are showing an error message.

  • 2

    When you want to have more control over landing page errors.


The success of any campaign depends on the health of each advertised URL. It is imperative to know if URLs are leading users to error pages. There are systems in place which are designed to find these URLs and alert advertisers if a URL is broken within AdWords, however these quite often do not work instantly and it may take days before the system identifies a broken URL. Until that happens the ad will run normally, charging advertisers for each click, but leading users to error pages.

Using our script, we will be able to check all the URLs that are present within your account on a daily basis, enabling us to inform you as soon as any of these URLs break. This will prevent any monetary losses on ads that are leading users to an error page.

Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

In order to deliver this service, we will need you to provide us with a valid email address and access to your PPC account.

One of our PPC Specialists will then set up the script for your account and will also set up notification emails. The script will be thoroughly tested to check that it is working as intended and adjustments will be made if required.

Once the script has been implemented, it will be instructed to run every morning to check the status of every URL in your account on ad, keyword and sitelink level. If a broken link is detected, one of our PPC Specialists will send you a file containing each URL that is bringing an error message, the location of this URL within your account and the type of error that the URL is bringing.

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