KakaoTalk Profile Setup


KakaoTalk is one of the most popular social networks in South Korea and is an important platform when targeting this market. Having a company KakaoTalk profile will boost your online presence and this will translate into increased traffic to your website and a wider user base. This service entails creation of a branded KakaoTalk profile for your company with a complete information section. 

Here’s when KakaoTalk Profile Setup can help!

  • 1

    When your company wants to start being active on social media

  • 2

    When you are looking to engage with your clients and customers on KakaoTalk

  • 3

    When you want to create a separate KakaoTalk account for a new market


With KakaoTalk now being one of the most popular social networks in South Korea, and hosting a staggering one billion plus users, this network is somewhere that your business or brand needs to be active to build relationships with your audience and drive sales and conversions.

Your KakaoTalk profile is the central hub within the KakaoTalk network to help grow your business or brand and to develop relationships with your customers.

A lot of businesses and brands are turning to KakaoTalk as they know it's the place to be, however there is a lot more to using KakaoTalk for business than just posting out an update here and there; you need to post engaging content, interact with your fans, and build your network through influence.

This service entails the creation of a branded KakaoTalk profile with inclusion of your company name, description of your company, your address in the target country or the address of your headquarters, and your brand images. 

Setting up a company KakaoTalk profile makes for a great start of your social media campaign and allows you to create a branded outlet for your communication and engagement in the social media space. This will boost your company's visibility and will help you to reach a wider audience.

Quality process

In order for us to create the best KakaoTalk profile for your company as possible, we will ask you for certain bits of information such as your company name, a description of your company, your address in the target country or the address of your headquarters, and your brand images.

One of our social media specialists, who will be a native speaker of your target language, will then create a profile for your company, using the information that you provide, to ensure that your company has a comprehensive profile. They will also set up your timeline for you. The process will be supervised by an appropriate project coordinator.

The end result for you will be a fully set up KakaoTalk profile for your company, with a completed information section. 

This is a KakaoTalk profile set up service only. This is not a KakaoTalk profile continued maintenance service.

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