Guide For Adopting AJAX Crawling Scheme


In recent years, more and more websites use AJAX to dynamically deliver content. This development technique offers a much better user experience by allowing for creating highly interactive and fast web applications. However, AJAX websites are usually not searchable. Our guide explains how to adopt the AJAX Crawling Scheme to ensure your website is search engine friendly which will allow it to rank in search. 

Here’s when Guide For Adopting AJAX Crawling Scheme can help!

  • 1

    When your website is an AJAX application and you need advice how to ensure search engines can crawl and index it.

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    When you need recommendations regarding breaking out URLs of your AJAX application to adopt the AJAX Crawling Scheme.


In recent years, more and more websites use AJAX to dynamically deliver content replacing a standard method of having static HTML pages. This development technique can greatly improve user experience because it allows web pages to load a lot faster and gives the possibility of creating highly interactive web applications. But it also comes at a huge cost because crawlers are not able to see content which is created dynamically. As a result, websites which use AJAX to serve their content are practically not searchable. 

However, not all is lost. If you're using AJAX to dynamically display content on your website that you would like to appear in search results, then by adopting the AJAX Crawling Scheme you can help Google and other search engines supporting it to crawl and index your content and – in effect – have it rank in search results.

Quality process

The guide for adopting the AJAX Crawling Scheme explains how AJAX is currently affecting your site's performance in search, what the AJAX Crawling Scheme is and how to adopt it to make your site crawlable and be able to appear in search results. As part of the guide, we will also identify parts of your AJAX application which we recommend breaking out to individual URLs for search engines to index.

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