Real Time Bidding Campaign Strategy


Real-time bidding is a form of flexible online display advertising and is an important part of your international online marketing strategy. In order for us to fully understand your international real-time bidding project requirements and deliver the best service possible, we will first need to ask you a series of detailed questions.

Here’s when Real Time Bidding Campaign Strategy can help!

  • 1

    When you are considering using real-time bidding as part of your international marketing efforts

  • 2

    When you want us to help you with your international real-time bidding efforts

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    When you want us to design a bespoke real-time bidding campaign for your business


Real-time bidding is a form of flexible online display advertising. When a visitor loads a page, an automatic bidding process is triggered whereby advertisers compete for their ad to be displayed on the page to that particular user.

During the campaign creation process, advertisers will have specified the specific traits that they require of a user in order for their ad bidding process to be triggered. For example, a particular retail company may only want to target females, aged 18-25, with a browsing history about fashion and clothing.

As bids are done in real-time and are triggered only when a user fulfils the advertiser's demographic criteria, real-time bidding allows for much more efficient spending of advertising budgets.

So that we can provide you with the best international real-time bidding service possible, we will first need to ask you some questions so that we fully understand your campaign objectives and target audience.

We will need to understand what you are trying to promote and what your campaign objectives are. This will determine how we advise to you connect with the most relevant target audience to give you the best chance of achieving your campaign goals; whether that be raising awareness, driving visitors and conversions to your website/app or even retargeting to users who have previously viewed your website.

We will also need to understand how campaign success will be measured and what metrics are important to your business.

Quality process

We will send you a briefing questionnaire to collect some initial information to allow us to begin formulating some ideas about your campaign strategy. Example questions include:

  • What is the campaign budget and how long would you like it to run?
  • What objectives do you have for the campaign?
  • How will campaign success be measured?

We may require a follow-up call to address any further questions.

The end result will be a meeting to run through our campaign strategy recommendations.

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