Baidu Brand Landmark advertising

Increase brand credibility with your Chinese audience and stand out from your competitors

Capitalise on your brand search terms and boost awareness

Online and search behaviour in China is very different to western markets where there is a greater degree of trust of organic search results. In China, it is the reverse as searchers typically only click and buy from brands they are familiar with. Baidu's Brand Landmark campaigns are good for boosting brand awareness on Baidu, by maximising visibility on generic search terms. However, Baidu's screening procedures for each of its advertisers is so complex and thorough, only reputable brands or licensed resellers can advertise. This service covers the management of your campaign on a monthly basis by one of our native PPC specialists, including making recommendations on how to improve performance, if required.

Baidu Brand Landmark advertising can help...

  • 1

    When you need to boost brand awareness on Baidu.

  • 2

    When you need to maximise visibility on generic keywords.

  • 3

    When you want to capitalise on your brand search terms and stand out from your competitors.

Why Baidu Brand Landmark?

Baidu Brand Landmark campaigns are a good way to maximise your reach in China. Placements usually appear on the top right corner of the search results and are guaranteed to appear when triggered by search terms you 'book' with Baidu. Placements contain a variety of formats, including video, text, images, site links and more, which help you stand out from your competitors. Click through rates are typically higher than the regular sponsored listings and covers an unlimited number of clicks for a fixed monthly fee.

This service covers the management of your campaign on a monthly basis, including making recommendations on how to improve performance, if necessary. This service does not include account opening, campaign media spend or making creatives but does include the bank transfer fee for sending your media spend to Baidu. Campaign management must cover between 1 – 3 months (and the same period as your designated budget).

How Baidu Brand Landmark advertsing works

One of our a native PPC specialists will help with the setting up of your campaign and ensure it goes live smoothly and quickly. We'll monitor the performance of your creatives and provide recommendations if any improvements are required.





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