Global Central Analytics Review


Global Central Analytics is an analytics tool that allows you to bring multiple data sources together and provides key insights that help you to measure valuable metrics and increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Your dedicated account manager will call you on a monthly basis to review performance and highlight the key insights and trends shown in your analytics data. They will also provide recommendations on which actions you should take each month to improve global online performance and ROI.

Here’s when Global Central Analytics Review can help!

• When you want an overall picture of your international performance across different channels and markets
• When you want an analysis of the key insights from your campaigns
• When you'd like recommendations on how to progress your international strategy, based on your data


Global Central Analytics compiles a huge amount of data, pulling together information from a variety of sources to provide valuable and actionable insights for international online marketing campaigns.

To ensure you get as much value as possible from Global Central, your dedicated account manager will talk you through your Global Central Analytics report on a monthly basis. They will highlight the key insights such as any significant changes in performance and visibility, emerging trends and any issues with keywords or particular countries. They will also provide recommendations for next steps and suggest ways to capitalise on opportunities.

This will ensure you are always up-to-date on how your international online activities are performing and can base future strategies on real and accurate data.

Quality process

Your dedicated account manager will call you on a monthly basis to talk you through your Global Central Analytics report to highlight areas including:
• Any significant changes,
• Any emerging trends,
• Any opportunities or issues with particular keywords,
• Any opportunities or issues with particular countries,
• Recommendations for future action based on the data.

They will utilise all of the data available to pull out the most relevant and important information to give you an accurate picture of performance, and will answer any questions you might have.

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