Global Central Best Practice


Managing online marketing activities through multiple teams, often based in multiple countries, can result in inconsistent approaches and affect overall global performance. Subscribing to Best Practice will provide you with a single resource which you can share with your online marketing teams around the world, giving them access to guides, how-tos, reports, presentations and videos on all aspects of global web marketing. You can also upload your own content, and select which of the existing content is available to your teams.

Here’s when Global Central Best Practice can help!

  • 1

    To improve understanding and knowledge of international marketing best practice within your organisation

  • 2

    To create central resource for all your marketing teams around the world

  • 3

    To have control over the content your team consumes

  • 4

    To increase training opportunities for your team

  • 5

    To develop custom content specific to your organisation


Managing online marketing activities through multiple teams, often based in multiple countries, can result in inconsistent approaches and affect overall global performance. Providing all internal colleagues with access to the same resources which share insights, tactics, tips and knowledge, can help you to ensure your global teams receive the same message and clear guidelines on best practice.

Our Best Practice platform, available through our online portal Global Central, provides guides, presentations, articles, reports and videos covering all aspects of global online marketing including:

  • How-to guides covering international SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, website development, apps and mobile, and translation.
  • Templates (e.g. keyword research templates) which your team can use when setting up and running international marketing campaigns.
  • Country guides.
  • Language guides.
  • An online training system of short online modules focusing on specific areas of online marketing, including all training material and an online test.
  • A question and answer helpdesk that lets users post a question that one of our specialists will answer.

You can determine which members of the team have access to the content, and highlight the content which you want them to focus on and that is appropriate for your organisation. You can also order bespoke content to be created around a particular need (for an additional cost) that will be available in Best Practice for your global teams to access and add your own internal content to the platform.

Quality process

You will receive access to our Best Practice section on the Global Central system. From there, you will be able to direct and improve the performance of your team by pointing them to view and download the content. This content will include:

  • How-to guides
  • 20-minute online training courses
  • Templates
  • Country guides
  • Language guides

We will also create up to 12 custom how-to guides and 12 custom 20 minute online training courses based on your specific needs and requirements.

Your teams will receive notifications when new best practice content is added, so you can rest assured that they will always have the most up-to-date content at their fingertips.

Best Practice also has a helpdesk section, where all users are able to post questions on any online marketing topics and receive a reply from one of our in-house experts. These Q&A will be recorded so all team members can access them.

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