Naver Brand Search ads appear at the top of the SERP in a wider format when a bought brand term is searched. This maximises the visibility for your brand terms, efficiently increasing brand awareness, CTR and conversion.

The ads combine text, image and video (depending on the type) to showcase the brand and promote brand image. You can include brand logo, slogan, introduction, latest products, promotions, etc. As the ads will be triggered by your bought brand terms, keyword research is needed or you can choose to initially duplicate keywords from your existing brand PPC campaign.

The Brand Search campaigns are set up separately for PC and for mobile devices. We recommend 30-day contracts, and the spend is fixed depending on device type and ad type. The starting price is 550,000 KRW.

This service covers the set-up of your campaign only, and does not include keyword research, campaign management and performance reporting.

Here’s when Daily Naver PPC Report can help!

When your brand has a presence in South Korea and you want to maximise the visibility of your brand on Naver

When you want your ads to show above any of your competitors’ ads appearing on your brand terms

What our clients say

Webcertain helped us increase our presence in South Korea

The Webcertain team has helped us increase our presence in South Korea, through their knowledge and expertise of working with Naver. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we highly value their constant support, as well as their transparency.


Naver Brand Search is a great advertising product that maximises the visibility for your brand terms, increasing brand awareness, CTR and conversion. With this service, we will assist you with the set-up and the end result will be a fully set-up Naver Brand Search campaign for your brand, ready to launch in South Korea.

Quality process

We will advise on the campaign type, ad type and the contract duration (can be discussed).

We will ask you to provide the keywords you want to book and the content you want to run the ads with. If you don't have the resources, we can create the content (text only) for you.

During the approval process, we might also ask for any document required by Naver, depending on the ad content and the business type.

Webcertain Group is passionate about generating business growth for its clients in any part of the world.

A team of native speakers of all the world’s major languages works together to achieve client objectives - no one understands working with different cultures and the nuances of language in the globe’s search engines better than the Webcertain multilingual teams. Webcertain operates in 44 languages.

Benefits of working with Webcertain:

International specialist since 1997

Transparency and online portal management

No minimum contract period

No minimum order value

International know-how shared

Quick response times