Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation Audit


A key factor to achieving high rankings in organic search and increased traffic are good quality links to your site from other websites. For your site to be able to benefit from these links it must be fully and correctly indexed by search engines. The Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation Audit will examine your site's search engine saturation and popularity compared to at least one direct competitor website and make suitable recommendations.

Here’s when Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation Audit can help!

  • 1

    At the beginning of an SEO campaign to evaluate your site's indexation and link popularity in search engines

  • 2

    When you want to benchmark indexation and popularity of your website compared to competitor sites

  • 3

    When your site has poor performance in organic search

  • 4

    When your website seems to be indexed incorrectly by search engines 


A key factor to achieving high rankings in organic search and increased traffic is the popularity of your website on the web. The popularity is determined by the number of links to your website from other sites and is referred to as Link Popularity. Search Engines factor Link Popularity into their ranking algorithms which means more quality links from relevant sites linking to pages of your site will improve your organic rankings and traffic. Well placed links are also an excellent source of targeted traffic. 

Search engines use software referred to as “spiders” or “crawlers” to find pages of websites and store a copy of them in their database (index) to be able to analyse and rank them. Comparing the number of pages a search engine has indexed to the number of pages actually available on a website determines its Search Engine Saturation.

If a website is popular (high Link Popularity) but many pages are not indexed by search engines (low Saturation) due to the site's technical problems, the site won't be using its potential. Then again, a site with good saturation but little popularity will have low potential. This audit will examine your website's current Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation and determine if there are any indexation problems or needs to improve the site's popularity.

Quality process

The process begins with completing a briefing form in which you will be asked to supply the root URLs of your website and at least one direct competitor.

An SEO specialist will perform a crawl on your website and use the output data to analyse the site's indexation in major search engines as well as compare its performance to the selected competitor sites. The report presents data on easy-to-understand graphs with detailed explanations, comments and recommended actions.


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