YouTube Playlist Optimisation


YouTube is the world's most popular video sharing site and can act as a valuable tool for your marketing campaign. YouTube playlists allow you to group together related videos, boosting engagement with your viewers. We will optimise your YouTube video playlist to make sure that your video is linked to other related videos which are more popular and could leverage your presence site.

Here’s when YouTube Playlist Optimisation can help!

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    When you want to increase your video playlist's presence on YouTube.


YouTube is the world's most popular video sharing site, with over 90 billion videos viewed on the website each month. Set up in 2005, it now has localised interfaces for over 40 countries and delivers 2 out of every 5 videos viewed worldwide.

YouTube allows users to create playlists which can contain their own and other people's videos, and this provides an excellent way of grouping together related videos that your target audience may be interested in watching.

We will optimise your YouTube playlists to enhance your videos' presence on the site. We will optimise your keywords and rank the videos contained in your playlist appropriately, according to either your priorities or video popularity.

Quality process

We will need access to your YouTube account and details of which playlist and/or specific videos you want us to promote.

An SEO specialist (who will be a native speaker of your target language) , under the supervision of a project manager, will optimise your YouTube playlist using the most relevant keywords and by ranking the videos within the playlist, against the criteria established in the project brief. We will send you a report including a screenshot of your newly optimised playlist.

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