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The multilingual content evaluation is a service we can offer in the event that you have inherited previously translated content of which you are unsure of the overall quality. An independent evaluator reviews the existing content, assesses the quality and delivers a report making note of any areas that could be amended.


Here’s when Multilingual Content Evaluation can help!

  • 1

    you have inherited multilingual content and you are unsure about its quality

  • 2

    you have received negative feedback on existing content by clients or your in-country teams

  • 3

    you have had problems with other translation agencies in the past



Have you inherited previously translated content? Are you dubious about its quality? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then our multilingual content review could prove useful for you. We will employ the use of this service if you are unsure of the quality of your existing translation, as we can help to evaluate the content accurately. This ensures that your content is of the highest possible standard.

We will evaluate it from a linguistic point of view and identify areas for improvements, if necessary. We will provide you with a report illustrating any comments or feedback and help you to decide what the next best course of action is.

The report outlines potential mistakes in the content and divides them into four clear-cut categories (Style, Grammar, Spelling and Mistranslation).


Quality process

You may have previously translated content that you require us to evaluate and before we take on the project, we would need to analyse a small sample of the available content to:

Estimate the amount of time required to complete the project and provide you with costing Evaluate the level of quality, and advise you on the best approach to use existing content

For instance, in case of machine-translated content that has not undergone any element of human post-editing, we would usually advise to start from scratch, as that will be a more cost effective approach. If, on the other hand, the quality of the content is not completely suitable for publication and for the target market, our native speakers and specialist reviewers can evaluate and edit it to bring the quality standard to the required level.
Once the approach has been determined, an independent evaluator will conduct the review and prepare a report detailing the findings.


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Multilingual Content Evaluation

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