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Speaking your customers' language is essential if you want to succeed in international markets. By having technical content in the target language, you can improve the clarity of your communications and remove the potential for misunderstanding. Technical translation covers the translation of a wide variety of documents across an array of different industry sectors. On provision of the content to be translated, the responses to our questionnaires plus any previously translated content, our translation will be carried out by our carefully selected translators chosen based on their expertise in your industry, their suitability and experience.

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Explaining our best practice approach to technical translation

What our clients say

Translation is the best we've ever seen

We are extremely happy with the translation service provided by Webcertain. Customer service is second to none, and turnaround times for both quotes and deliverables are excellent. The quality of both the translation and the reconstruction of the artwork is superb – even earning high praise from our in-country distributors as the best they’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services for any translation project.

For international support, look no further than Webcertain

There are many challenges when running international campaigns and Webcertain has provided invaluable support to us when targeting countries as diverse as China, Japan and Russia, where both cultural and linguistic knowledge are paramount for success. This knowledge, combined with skills and expertise across all digital channels, enabled us to build tailored and targeted campaigns to inform and attract students from around the globe. If you’re looking for SEO, SEM or translation support in multiple languages and countries, look no further than Webcertain.

An agency we would highly recommend

Webcertain has been collaborating with our in-house teams since 2010 and has developed a strong relationship with them. Translating a variety of the material in our online lessons alongside marketing materials such as various blogs and promotional emails, Webcertain has helped us to manage our large volume of content to be translated. Covering several key languages we require, Webcertain is a pleasure to work with and an agency we would highly recommend.

Technical translations of an extremely high standard

For the last eight years we have worked closely with Webcertain to deliver translated technical manuals of an extremely high standard for our European and Chinese markets. Webcertain has also translated resource files to allow our overseas users to operate our machinery in their native languages with ease. Webcertain has gone above and beyond our expectations and we are proud to continue collaborating with them.

Webcertain is the right choice

Webcertain has handled the technical translations of our user manuals for the past seven years, and they have proved to be the right choice, both for the quality of their translations and for their excellent customer service.

Very reliable, consistently delivering high quality

We’ve been working with Webcertain for over 12 months, during which time they’ve proven to be very reliable, consistently delivering high quality translations across various languages for our Marketing division. This includes a range of content – from emailers to web content, whitepapers to newsletters. We look forward to working with Webcertain on an even greater range of translation work over the course of the coming year.

We can trust Webcertain to deliver

We have used Webcertain for a number of years to translate the information shown on our medical device packaging and instructions for use, and we are extremely happy with their service. Given the industry we are in, it is crucial that the translations are correct and we know we can trust them to deliver. The customer service we receive is excellent – there is always communication between ourselves and Webcertain as they provide daily updates and progress on particularly large projects. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Why is translation important?

By speaking your customers' language, you can communicate with them in a way that is precise and clear, something that is particularly important with technical information.

The translation of documents such as technical manuals, technical brochures and data sheets requires an in-depth knowledge of your products and industry, accuracy and consistency in terminology, and a workflow that guarantees tight quality control.

We understand the importance of replicating technical details accurately and effectively and we will only use translators with an in-depth knowledge and experience in your field, to ensure we provide quality and correct translations. When appropriate, we will work with your in-country marketing and technical teams to guarantee we meet your requirements.

We can handle any electronic format you might need and can also help you with editing of CAD drawings or any other schematics you might use in your technical content.

We can confidently work in a variety of industry sectors thanks to the help of our highly skilled translators, whose specialisms cover the following key areas of expertise:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • chemicals and plastics
  • construction
  • electronics
  • engineering
  • health and safety
  • IT
  • manufacturing
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • patents
  • safety data sheets
  • telecommunications
  • textiles

How technical translation works

A skilled Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will arrange and monitor the translation process. They will also act as your point of contact throughout the whole project.

Our network of handpicked freelance translators comprises native speakers of each target language you might require who specialise in a wide variety of industries. We carefully assign translators based on their experience and suitability to your project.

For technical translation, we require the content for translation to be provided prior to the start of the project. This will allow us to submit an accurate costing based upon the word count and will aid in the selection of an appropriate translator. Ideally, if you have any previously translated content, we would also request that you send it to us to use as reference material. We will also ask you to complete a style guide questionnaire and glossary to ensure we meet your brand guidelines and retain consistency with your existing materials.

Once the project is agreed, we will deliver the translated content by the agreed deadline and in your preferred format.

Webcertain Group is passionate about generating business growth for its clients in any part of the world.

A team of native speakers of all the world’s major languages works together to achieve client objectives - no one understands working with different cultures and the nuances of language in the globe’s search engines better than the Webcertain multilingual teams. Webcertain can deliver translation in over 140 languages.

Benefits of working with Webcertain:

International specialist since 1997

Transparency and online portal management

No minimum contract period

No minimum order value

International know-how shared

Quick response times