Daum Café Monitoring Report


Daum Cafe is one of South Korea's leading online community platforms. This service will look at how people are talking about your brand on Daum Cafe and will produce a report providing you with recommendations on how respond to comments and improve your marketing technique.

Here’s when Daum Café Monitoring Report can help!

  • 1

    When you want to improve your marketing strategy in South Korea.

  • 2

    When you require monitoring of the Daum Cafe platform.


Daum is one of the most popular South Korean web portals. Launched in 1995, Daum offers services such as search, email, blogging, shopping, and news. One of these services is Daum Cafe; a Daum community platform launched in 1999. Users can join cafes according to their interests, and share opinions, experience and knowledge.

This service will examine the current activity taking place around your brand and products on Daum Cafe. We will then produce a monitoring report which will provide you with recommendations of how best to respond to what is being said about you online, tailored to meeting your marketing goals.

This will help you to keep track of what is being said about you in the social media space, which will allow you to respond to comments appropriately and produce more effective, informed and appropriate marketing strategies in South Korea.

Quality process

We will ask you to submit a Project Brief which will outline your key requirements and points, including your brand/company name.

A social media specialist and a native linguist will then examine the activity currently taking place around your brand/products on Daum Cafe. They will produce a monitoring report which will provide you with recommendations tailored to meeting your marketing goals. This report will be quality checked to ensure that it meets your requirements.

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