Intensive International SEO Review And Workshop


Starting an international SEO project is very different to doing SEO for just one country, so can prove a daunting and challenging task. Our experienced international SEO consultants will meet you at a location of your choice and deliver a one day workshop to go through your specific project needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and they will provide you with expert advice on how to improve your international SEO efforts. You will receive a well-thought out action plan which can be deployed rapidly and has been agreed by all concerned. Flights, hotels and travel expenses will be charged additionally.

Here’s when Intensive International SEO Review And Workshop can help!

  • 1

    At the beginning of an SEO project or after a few months of activity

  • 2

    When you are launching a new international site in multiple languages

  • 3

    When you are about to plan the creation or translation of a site into additional languages

  • 4

    When you are suffering poor international SEO performance

  • 5

    When you have achieved a lot from international SEO activities but don't know what to do next

  • 6

    When you are suffering challenges in terms of geo-targeting

  • 7

    When you have some countries in your network that significantly underperform when compared with others


SEO remains a core part of any online strategy, whether you're operating in one country or 30 but there are particular challenges and factors which come into play when managing SEO projects internationally. When you are starting an international SEO project, it can be useful to have a face-to-face meeting with an international SEO consultant to go through any questions you may have.

Our senior international SEO consultants will meet you at a location of your choice, holding a one day workshop to talk through strategies and opportunities with you. You will get the time of the consultants and their undivided attention for the full day to listen to the very specific issues of their own projects. You will be able to ask questions about anything related to international SEO, no matter how big or small.

Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire to clarify your objectives for the workshop. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the workshop and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

Ideally, you should provide us with the following information prior to the workshop:

  • A history of earlier steps taken to promote your international SEO performance.
  • Background information, data and analytics.
  • Your website URL(s) and the countries you are targeting.
  • Your key objectives for the workshop.
  • Any key problem areas you are aware of, such as any countries which are known to be performing especially poorly.

Our experienced consultants will meet you at your desired location and will hold a one day workshop with you, allowing you to ask any questions and providing you with advice on how best to develop your international SEO efforts.

You will receive an action plan based on the discussions, with points prioritised in terms of greatest potential impact.

Webcertain Group is passionate about generating business growth for its clients in any part of the world. A team of native speakers of all the world’s major languages works together to achieve client objectives - no one understands working with different cultures and the nuances of language in the globe’s search engines better than the Webcertain multilingual teams. Webcertain operates in 44 languages.

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