Social Media Listening - Industry Report

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Organisations need to understand what is being said about them online so they can effectively manage their brands, products, and reputation. With this service, we will carry out a social media e-listening monthly report on your company, including gathering information such as listing the top influencers in your field and particularly relevant posts about your company. This will allow you understand what your customer base think about you, thereby helping to guide your marketing strategy appropriately.  

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Here’s When Social Media Listening - Industry Report Can Help!

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    When you want to gain a valuable insight into conversations taking place online relating to your brand or business.

  • 2

    When you already have an online presence within a market and want to discover/monitor what is being said about you online.

  • 3

    When you want to determine which markets you should prioritise based on online conversations.

  • 4

    When you want to perform in-depth market research online about your brand/product.�

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Social media provides a platform for people to voice their opinions and experiences with brands and services online.

Listening to what your audience has to say about your brand or products is essential if you are going to succeed online. Internet users will now search online to see what people are saying about your brand/products and use the information they find to make informed decisions about you and whether to buy from or work with your company.

Our E-Listening service allows you to cost effectively measure and gain insight into what is being said about your brand online in any language and where those conversations are taking place. We will gather information from all social media platforms to give you a very comprehensive monthly report.

This will assist you with making informed strategic decisions into the next steps to take within a specific market. This could be anything from committing more time and resources into a specific market, to promoting certain popular services or products, or even reducing the resources you currently have working within a market. 

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Quality Process

We will need to know details such as where you are active, which networks you have a presence on and what your objectives are.

These details will be passed onto one of our social media strategists, who will be a native speaker of your target language and will do a Social Media E-Listening Report for your company/brand.

Our E-Listening service report includes:

  • List of top influencers within your industry
  • Positive sentiment posts
  • Negative sentiment posts
  • Other relevant posts based on your requirements
  • Topic trends

The report will also go into details such as where comments about you are being posted, who is posting them, details of the poster’s profile, whether the comments are positive, negative or neutral, and based on all this we will suggest an action plan on how best to respond, such as providing advice to a disgruntled customer, for example.

The process will be managed and quality checked to ensure the service meets your requirements.  

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Social Media Listening - Industry Report

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