Preferred landing page analysis

Mapping landing pages to keywords can boost conversions

Increase conversions and lower bounce rates with a PLP analysis

It is important that your highest ranked landing page for any search query is the most appropriate page for that search term, otherwise you will suffer from low click-through rates and high bounce rates. In order to improve the organic search performance of your website, we will assign preferred landing pages to each of your keywords and will also carry out further research on your keywords and rankings to inform your future search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. This will help to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates on your website.

A preferred landing page analysis can help...

  • 1

    When you are not sure which pages to focus your SEO efforts on for particular keywords.

  • 2

    When you struggle to achieve good rank positions with your existing URLs.

  • 3

    When high bounce rates or low click-through rates have been observed for your keywords.

  • 4

    When your website’s top ranked URLs change frequently in the organic search results for the same keywords.

Why is it important to map keywords to landing pages?

Achieving good rank positions in the organic search results is the goal of most websites' SEO efforts, but it is not all that matters. Having good rankings is useless if users don't click on the listing or immediately leave the page because they didn't find what they were looking for.

While a landing page is just any page a visitor lands on, a “preferred landing page” is the page you ultimately want your visitors to land on for particular search queries. If less preferred pages rank above the preferred landing page for selected keywords, you could be directing users to inappropriate pages and damaging performance. In such cases, the page may experience low click-through rates and the website itself may not deliver as high return-on-investment (ROI) as it potentially could.

Identifying and assigning preferred landing pages to your most important keywords will ensure that you are allocating the right SEO efforts to the most effective pages. It will improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

We will assign preferred landing pages to your target keywords to ensure that they rank above all your other landing pages for search queries using those keywords. We will also conduct more in-depth research into your keywords and current rankings to help guide your future SEO efforts.

Preferred landing page analysis process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your account manager to clarify your landing page objectives. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks. We will ask you to provide a list of keywords you want us to use as the basis of our assignment, and will also require access to your web analytics tool or report exports for the analytics data. It would be useful, although not necessary, if you could provide ranking reports and website analytics metrics such as bounce rates.

An SEO Strategist and a native speaker of your target language will carry out a mapping process in which each keyword is assigned a preferred landing page on your website that you want to rank top in search results for queries using those keywords. Not all keywords may be supported well enough by existing content on your website. In such cases, keywords will be labelled as “content gaps”.

You will receive an Excel spreadsheet with preferred landing page assignment for all keywords, an indication of whether the existing search engine ranked URL is the preferred landing page or not, and a breakdown of keywords into three tiers determining opportunities and priority of SEO work to follow:

  • Tier 1: Top ten rank position achieved with and without the preferred landing page ranking.
  • Tier 2: Rank positions 11-30 achieved with and without the preferred landing page ranking.
  • Tier 3: Ranked below 30 with preferred landing pages assigned (content creation opportunities) and without preferred landing pages assigned (content gaps).

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