Social Media Competitor Analysis

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Social media has become extremely popular in recent years and is being increasingly utilised by companies as part of their global online marketing strategy. Understanding your competitors’ social media activities will allow you to make well-informed decisions when developing your own social media strategy. With this service, our multilingual social media team will analyse the methods and results of one of your competitors’ social media profiles, detailing information about their page content and how users interact with it. This information will be delivered to you in a report.

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Here’s When Social Media Competitor Analysis Can Help!

  • 1

    When you want to gain an insight into how your competitors are using their social media profiles.

  • 2

    When you are thinking of setting up a new profile and want to find out what is working in your current market.

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Social media has exploded in popularity in recent years and is increasingly being utilised by commercial companies. With the rising influence of social media, it is becoming ever more important to monitor your competitors’ online social activities.

Competitive analysis should always be an important part of your social media marketing strategy. Each competitor brand will have its own goals, tactics and strategies in place, but the end result of these is to compete to reach the same customer base.

By monitoring campaigns run by other companies/brands and measuring their effectiveness, you can gain valuable insights to help with decision-making for your future campaigns and social media strategies without risking time and resources trying them out yourself.

This service will analyse one of your competitors’ social media profiles. Our multilingual social media team will produce a detailed report including important information about their content and how users interact with it. We will also provide recommendations of how you can utilise our findings to provide direct benefit for your business.

This service will enable you to: identify gaps in the market for your products, services or initiatives; find out what advanced social marketing techniques your competitors are using on their pages (custom built social apps etc.) so you can capitalise on this technology; find out what your competitors are doing wrong so you can tackle these issues before they happen to you; and plan out your future social media profile strategy with proven methods and content that works well.

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Quality Process

We will ask you which competitor profile you want us to analyse.

These details will be passed onto our multilingual social media team who, under the supervision of a project manager, will analyse your desired competitor’s social media profiles. They will produce a report detailing:

  • How your competitor is using their profile to connect with customers
  • What is currently working and not working for you competitor on their social profile
  • Whether your competitor’s audience is engaging with them
  • What content provides your competitor the best ROI based on social signals
  • Whether your competitor is using any on-page apps in their marketing strategy
  • How your competitor is dealing with negative feedback on their page

This report will be quality checked before it is sent to you, to ensure that all your requirements are met.

This service includes the analysis of one social media profile only.

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Social Media Competitor Analysis

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