LinkedIn Launches Conversion Tracking

LinkedIn has launched conversion tracking for Sponsored Content and Text Ad campaigns. For the first time, advertisers will be able to see how many leads, purchases, sign-ups, content downloads and other actions they are getting as a result of their campaigns. They will also be able to see information about the people who are converting, such as their industry, job function, seniority and company size. Advertisers will be able to access data such as conversion rate, conversion count, cost-per-conversion and ROI. They will be able to see detailed breakdowns, such as device type and whether someone converted after clicking on an ad or simply viewing it. LinkedIn hopes that this information will help advertisers to optimise their ad campaigns to achieve even more effective performance. To get started with LinkedIn conversion tracking, you will need go to the Campaign Manager and type in the domain that you want to track conversions for. This is usually your website URL. Next, you will need to install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website. This is a short piece of javascript code that will track conversions on your website. You then create a conversion action, which is the event that you want to count as a conversion, such as a download or a booking. Once you've done that, you will add this conversion action to your desired campaign. You can add multiple conversion actions to a campaign. You will then be able to view your conversion analytics in the Campaign Manager.