iflix To Take On Global Giants In South East Asia

The Malaysian video streaming service iflix has managed to secure 133 million US dollars of funding in an attempt to fight Netflix and Amazon Prime in South East Asia. The company has said that it is looking to invest in localised content across all the Asia Pacific markets that it serves. iflix also faces competition from Hong Kong-based Hooq, which is used by 10% of Indonesian mobile users who use video-on-demand services, compared to the 7% currently using iflix. However, when it came to overall use of subscription services, 39% of Filipinos used iflix compared to the 32% using Hooq and 60% using Netflix. In order to combat global companies, iflix's CEO has said that it will now focus on localised content, with “the majority of [its] top 10 content [being] regional or local”. Meanwhile, Netflix itself has just lost a deal to distribute Disney content beyond 2019, after Disney announced plans to develop its own streaming service.