How Google’s MUM will change SEO and PPC optimisation

This is a recording of a talk given at the virtual International Search Summit Global 2021. How should you optimise your website so that Google's MUM ranks it amongst the top three search results? Search queries are becoming more and more complex; the user now expects the correct answer even to very long questions. But what does this mean for PPC landing pages, ads and websites? Optimisation has to move away from the individual keyword and more towards answering user questions, worries and needs. But how should you adapt content, landing pages, ads and social media posts so that the best possible results are achieved? Google is getting better and better at displaying search results – and we as SEOs should keep up with this new trend and design our websites so that they offer the best possible user journey. In this session, Veronika Höller from CompuGroup Medical looks at advantages and challenges for doing this across different countries, delving deep into how search behaviour has changed globally and is influencing search engine optimisation.