Global Average Internet Speed Hits 5.1Mbps

28 September 2015. Research by Akamai has found that the global average internet speed has risen to 5.1Mbps, a 3.5% increase on the previous quarter. The country with the fastest internet speed in the world was South Korea, where residents enjoy an average speed of 23.1Mbps. It was followed by Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, Finland, and the Czech Republic. The proportion of global internet users with speeds over 15Mbps, the speed necessary to stream 4K video, rose by 2.5% on the previous quarter to 14%. The research also broke down US data into more localised areas. In the US, which ranked 20th in the world for internet speeds, the fastest average speeds were in the District of Columbia, whereas the slowest average speeds were in Alaska.