Facebook Launches New Global Advertising Tools

Facebook has introduced four new tools designed to help businesses advertise internationally. First of all, it has introduced dynamic language optimisation, which allows advertisers to create ad text in different languages within the same campaign. Previously, for example, if an advertiser wanted to target English and French speakers in Canada, they would have had to create two different campaigns: one in English and one in French. Now, advertisers can create one campaign in multiple languages, with the correct language being served by matching it against the Facebook user's language settings. Secondly, it has introduced multi-country lookalike audiences, which means that advertisers can now search for lookalike audiences in multiple countries and regions at once. Previously, advertisers had had to repeat this process for every single country and region they had wanted to target. Thirdly, it has introduced multi-city targeting, to help advertisers who do not know which exact cities they want to target but do know the size of the cities they want to target. Now, advertisers can select a country or region, choose the population size of the cities they want to target, and Facebook will automatically identify and target cities that match these criteria. This is designed to help companies who are entering a new market they are unfamiliar with. And fourthly, it has introduced a cross-border insights finder, which helps advertisers to identify which countries they should target. Advertisers can input their current country, their industry and their campaign objective, and the tool will produce a list of countries that are most likely to see success, based on past campaigns from similar businesses.