Facebook Launches App Event Optimisation Ad Targeting

Facebook has launched a new ad targeting option called App Event Optimisation. App Event Optimisation allows advertisers to target their ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network to people who are most likely to take a certain action. There are 14 different actions, or “events”, that advertisers can choose to optimise for, ranging from completing registration or adding an item to a shopping cart, to viewing content or achieving a level in a game. Facebook uses historical data and data from similar users to decide who is most likely to perform certain actions. The advantage of App Event Optimisation is that it allows advertisers to reach those who are most likely to complete the desired action, which should decrease costs and increase revenue. In testing, App Event Optimisation led to decreases of up to 80% in cost per event. Advertisers can use App Event Optimisation in either the Power Editor or through the API. Once app events have been enabled, advertisers can then select which app event they want to target from a dropdown menu, and select their desired bid amount. It is charged on a per impression basis. App Event Optimisation is available to advertisers in all countries.