A smart SEO strategy to support your business expansion

This webinar recording from February 2022 features talks from two brilliant speakers who recently gave these same presentations at our in-person International Search Summit event in Barcelona. It also includes Q&A sessions with the speakers.

The two talks given in this webinar are:

“Multilingual strategy case study: Differences, successes and failures between international and local markets” by Gemma Fontané

In this talk, Gemma Fontané, an SEO Consultant and Founder of denadal.cat, will explain how she developed the SEO (and general) strategy for two websites that sell the same product but are in different languages and focus on different countries. She will explain the differences, successes and failures of the two websites, as well as the new business opportunities that have been achieved through other channels (SEM and Etsy). From the study and validation of the idea through keywords, to the development and planning, as well as the first results, this is a real-world case study with fascinating insights.

“Good things come in small packages: How to create a success story with a limited budget” by Yagmur Simsek

Start-ups, small businesses and even sometimes global brands can have limited marketing budgets, but that does not mean they cannot still drive organic growth internationally. In this talk, Yagmur Simsek from Re:signal will share tips to support marketers tasked with bringing results on a small budget, including what to consider when developing an organic strategy, common SEO mistakes, and how to make the most of free resources and tools.