How to target Chinese overseas students

The field of international student recruitment is full of challenges, and these become even more when targeting students from countries with different search engines and social media platforms, such as China. This country has the highest number of students travelling abroad for higher education out of any country in the world, and currently 847,259 Chinese students study outside of their homeland. When numbers are as high as these, it's important for marketers to have a solid strategy in place. In this guide, we explore the options for marketers targeting Chinese students studying abroad to help them successfully navigate these often-unfamiliar waters.

Amongst others, we look at:

  • Why Chinese students study abroad, offering an overview of what motivates them to seek higher education in foreign countries and the main factors swaying their final choice.
  • The challenges Chinese students face when researching information about foreign universities and how marketers can help fill in the gaps.
  • An original case study illustrating how the main universities in English-speaking countries for the number of international students currently engage with Chinese prospects.
  • A list of valuable tips for marketers targeting Chinese students on the right strategy for their website, search and paid marketing, social media, and content marketing efforts.

Discover what you need to boost your international student recruitment in China and how you can engage the local audience to increase your chances of success!