Digital marketing for the travel sector

Current trends and opportunities

Digital marketing for the travel sector

The travel sector is constantly growing, and it provides a competitive environment for digital marketers, with a very high number of websites trying to compete for rankings simultaneously. Keeping on top of trends and being willing to experiment is important, but there is a lot more that you can do.

What the 'Digital marketing for the travel sector' guide offers:

A reader-friendly guide

Our guide combines great design with useful information and engaging video interviews.

The customer is the centre

No matter what marketing approach you take in travel, you need to always be thinking about your customers. Learn how to reach them by following our tips.

International relevance

The travel industry is by definition very international, but countries around the world differ considerably. Find out what to do to target audiences globally.

Practical take-aways

How should you approach millennials? Which currencies should you offer? Find out here.

A look at different aspects of the industry

The guide covers various industry areas: from new technologies to the luxury sector and content marketing, we bring you the latest trends in travel.

Professional help to be at the top of your game

The information in this guide has been summarised from interviews with industry experts.

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