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International SEO Expertise

International SEO Expertise

Rely on international SEO specialists to give your website global search engine visibility

Now funnily enough, there are those who say there’s not much difference between a bit of domestic SEO and the international version.  There’s a grain of truth in that, but it’s a pretty small grain.  We think you should recommend those folks to your competitors and smile politely!

International SEO ExpertiseTechnically you could argue that the techniques and analysis are very similar, but the challenge of international SEO is that you’re working within a multilingual, multi-regional context.  It’s no coincidence that marketing text books often talk about the comical errors which businesses make when they’re expanding internationally – it’s actually very easy to do (and not that comical when it’s you).  Now that’s just one reason (but it’s a pretty big one) why you want to have experienced dedicated internationally obsessed SEOs on your team either alongside your existing team or working with them.

Webcertain’s team only ever works on international projects.  We’re not arrogant about that, it’s just the way we do things to ensure that our clients know our team has been well and truly blooded on international situations.  In fact when we say “international experts”, it really is very ordinary (though interesting) for our team to work on hugely complex international multilingual sites every day.  This does mean there is no-one here who is not an “international” specialist in some way – though there are different specializations of course. 

International SEO ExpertiseOf course we’re working with multiple search engines too and are quite envious of those who can now sit back and watch what Google does, perhaps picking up a bit of Bing in the coffee break!  That may be a slight exaggeration, but we’re working with Google, Baidu, Yandex, Naver and Seznam before we even get into our stride.

We put content and content quality at the centre of our strategy and support that with a quality approach to teasing out inbound links, which we do very carefully managed always by human beings.

So here’s how Webcertain helps to support your international SEO strategy:

  • First and foremost we have stacks of experience and many experienced people.
  • We’ve worked on many international sites every day.
  • We’ve learned from our clients and they’ve learned from us too.
  • We believe in sharing what we know with our customer base.
  • We know that culture, language and appropriate keywords have a lot to do with what we do and we never think that a clever redirect or programming twist will do the trick.  Internationally, it won’t…
  • We live and love “international” and try to make it a breeze for you.
International SEO Expertise

So go on,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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